City of Ventura - 2020-049 Commons Midtown Parking Lot Improvements Project

Project consists of adding bioswales, tree wells, pavers, landscaping and appurtenant work as shown on the plans with Drawing No. 2020-D-049.


Accepting Bids

Bid Date1/28/21 2:00 pm

Company & Contacts

City of Ventura

Pam Baumgardner   (805) 654-7870


Ventura, CA


Notice is hereby given that sealed bids will be received by the City of San Buenaventura,
California, at the office of the City Clerk in the City Hall, 501 Poli Street (Post Office Box 99),
Ventura, California, or at the bid opening location in the parking lot behind the City Hall, before
2:00 p.m., on Thursday the 28th day of January, 2021, at which time they will be publicly
opened and read for Midtown Commons Parking Lot Improvements which consists of adding
bioswales, tree wells, pavers, landscaping and appurtenant work as shown on the plans with
Drawing No. 2020-D-049. The said work shall be performed in strict conformity with
specifications therefore being Specification No. 2020-049. Attendees shall wear face mask to
witness the opening of the bids.


Contractors may submit bids by certified mail to the following address:

City of Ventura
City Clerk’s Office
501 Poli Street, PO Box 99
Ventura, CA 93002

Mailed bids shall be by Certified Mail, postmarked by the date and time of the scheduled bid
opening or before. Non-certified mailed bids shall be rejected.

Bid proposals may also be hand delivered on the scheduled day of the bid opening and shall be
submitted between 1:30 p.m. and 2:00 p.m. Bids shall be delivered to a City Clerk’s staff member
at a temporary bid opening station located at the parking lot behind City Hall, adjacent to the 505
Poli Street building entrance. Persons delivering bids shall do so wearing personal protective
equipment such as gloves and masks. Persons choosing to stay and witness bid opening shall
wear protective face coverings and maintain social distancing in accordance with the Ventura
County Public Health Officer’s orders.

The Engineer’s Estimate of cost is $200,000. The complete Notice Inviting Bids and Bid
Documents can be viewed and purchased on the World Wide Web through CyberCopy at Go to the website and click on “City of Ventura Projects” under Public
Plan Rooms. Contact Luis Mejia, Project Engineer at (805) 654-7828, for technical questions.

Plans and Specifications can be purchased in hardcopy format, electronic medium format (CD),
and/or electronic download from the World Wide Web starting on October 26, 2020. Plans and
Specifications can be reviewed and purchased on the World Wide Web through CyberCopy at The cost to download plans and specifications electronically from the
website is $25. The cost to purchase the plans and specifications in a hardcopy format is $35
and $30 for electronic medium format (CD). Hardcopies and electronic medium format (CD) of
the Plans and Specifications can be obtained by contacting CyberCopy’s offices. Hardcopy
formats and electronic medium format (CD) can be mailed by CyberCopy to the prospective
bidders ($25 for shipping and handling). Please contact CyberCopy at (805) 642-3292 for
additional information. The cost to obtain plans and specifications in any specified format herein
is non-refundable.

Each bidder must be on the City’s Plan Holder List of Record. A bid received by a Contractor
who is not a “Plan Holder of Record” may be deemed non-responsive. A “Plan Holder of Record”
is one who has purchased a set of plans and specifications through CyberCopy or the City.

Each bid shall be accompanied by a certified or cashier’s check payable to the order of the City,
or by a bid bond executed by a corporate surety authorized to do business in the State of
California in the sum of not less than 10% of the total amount of the bid, as a guarantee that the
bidder will enter into the proposed contract if it be awarded him.

Bid documents shall be enclosed in an envelope which shall be sealed and clearly labeled with
the project title, name of bidder, and date and time of bid opening in order to guard against
premature opening of the bid.

The bidder to whom the contract is awarded by the City shall execute the contract and furnish a
surety bond in the amount of 100% of the contract price guaranteeing the faithful performance
of the contract and it shall remain in force for a period of one year after final acceptance. An
additional bond for 100% of the contract price shall be furnished to secure the payment of claims
for labor and materials furnished for the work.

This project requires payment of State prevailing rates of wages for Ventura County. The
contractor shall post copies of the prevailing schedule at each job site. Copies of these rates of
wages are available from the State of California Department of Industrial Relations Prevailing
Wage Unit. The website for this agency is located at

This project is subject to prevailing wage compliance monitoring and enforcement by the
Department of Industrial Relations. No contractor or subcontractor may be listed on the bid
proposal unless registered with the Department of Industrial Relations, pursuant to Labor Code
Section 1725.5. No bid will be accepted from a Contractor without proof of the Contractor’s and
subcontractor’s current registration.

The contractor to whom the contract is awarded shall assist in locating, qualifying, hiring and
increasing the skills of minority group employees and applicants for employment, as set forth in
Executive Order 11246 and 11375.

All bids are to be compared on the basis of the Engineer’s estimate of the quantities of work to
be done.

No bid will be accepted from a contractor who is not licensed in accordance with the provisions
of Chapter 9, Division 3 of the Business and Professions Code. Contractor’s license classification
required for this project is Class“A”.

A bidder will be considered “experienced” and responsible if the prime contractor (bidder) meets
the licensing requirements and has been in business for at least five (5) years (either current
business name or if the proposed project manager for the bidder has applicable experience with
others) providing general construction projects, including successfully completing a minimum of
four previous projects similar in scope and scale to this project. The four similar projects shall
specifically include curb, asphalt repair, and landscaping, each valued at $200,000 or more.
Each project used as reference shall include the agency or client name and phone number of
the project engineer. The City WILL reject any bid not meeting all these qualification

The bidder (General Contractor) must perform contract work amounting to at least 50 percent of
the Contract Price not including costs associated with the following designated specialty items
in accordance with Section 2-3.2 of the Standard Specification for Public Work Construction,
2018 edition:

The City reserves the right to retain all bids for a period of 60 days for examination and
comparison, and to delete any portion of the work from the contract. The City reserves the right
to reject any and all bids and to waive any informality in such bids.

Pursuant to Public Contract Code Section 7201, five percent (5%) will be deducted from each
progress payment and retained by the City and the remainder less the amount of all previous
payments will be paid to the Contractor.

Pursuant to Public Contracts Code (“PCC”) § 22300, the Contractor may substitute securities
for retention monies held by the City or request that the City place such monies into an escrow
account. The Contractor is notified, pursuant to PCC § 22300, any such election will be at the
Contractor’s own expense and will include costs incurred by the City to accommodate the
Contractor’s request. City and Contractor agree to utilize the approved as to form escrow
agreement prepared by the City which is substantially similar to the form within the PCC. A copy may be examined if requested.

Contact Luis Mejia, Project Engineer at (805) 654-7828, or email at
for technical questions, or Pam Baumgardner at (805) 329-1966 for administrative questions, or to request plans and specifications.