City of Oxnard - PW 21-41R Laundromat Building Demolition & Parking Lot Improvement Project (REBID)

Project includes furnishing all necessary labor, materials, equipment and other incidental and appurtenant Work for the base bid consisting of the demolition of laundromat building located at 318 Fifth Street in Oxnard, (including the concrete foundation and pad, sidewalk and curb around the building) and the parking lot asphalt pavement resurfacing and improvement within the Fifth St. Parking Lot including re-striping. Additive items include the furnishing and installing of parking light pole with single LED light fixture, removal and replacement of a refuse enclosure, installation of an ADA ramp, ADA signage and striping, installation of parkway swale, and removal of existing curbs, driveway, and concrete walkway.
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PW 21-41R Final Set LDPL_Signed 11/19/2021 1.3 MB