City of Ventura - 2017-017 Waterline - Midtown to Westside Interconnect

Project consists of furnishing and installation of approximately 2,600 linear feet of 12-inch AWWA C900 PVC pipe, 7,500 linear feet of 16-inch AWWA C900 PVC pipe, 1,750 linear feet of 24-inch cement mortar lined and coated steel pipe, including all appurtenances such as gate valves, air and vacuum valves, and blowoffs, excavation, bedding, and backfill of the pipe, traffic control, pavement removal and replacement, and connections to existing pipelines. The work includes the furnishing and installation of pressure reducing valves, modification of the existing piping including installation of new piping and removal of existing piping, excavation, bedding and backfill of existing piping, pavement removal and replacement, modification of existing electrical and instrumentation work and controls at the Five Points flow control valve (FCV) station and appurtenant work as shown on the plans with Drawing No. 2017-D-017. The Engineer's Estimate of cost is $10,500,000.
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